Prevent Business Disruptions

In today’s world of global travel, the reality of infectious disease outbreak has taken its toll. The necessity of preventing massive business disruptions is critical.

Discreet and Ultra Portable

Get high accuracy temperature measurements with advanced, tested screening systems used around the world. Easily installed, operated, and relocated with minimal setup time or operator training.

Intuitive operation for minimal setup and training

  • Easy to relocate
  • On-screen and audible alerts
  • Password-protected to prevent unauthorized changes
  • Flexible configuration of software

Visible Temperature Tracking

  • Identify one or more individuals in a crowd
  • Aids rapid detection
  • Maintains pedestrian flow
  • Thermal and visible pictures

Keep your business safe

Sourced Security offers thermal fever detection systems that are fully compliant and approved within the FDA Enforcement Policy for Telethermographic Systems during the COVID-19 emergency. These systems are not intended to diagnose or detect medical conditions, and should be used to only perform initial body temperature assessments.

We provide custom solutions based on your business and security needs.

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