Reliable Wi-Fi Customer Experience

Your customers and employees demand a high performance Wi-Fi network. We can deliver a powerful yet simple controlled guest networking capability.

Commercial LTE

From HD video streaming to remote access to resources from headquarters: modern technology offers a wide range of useful tools for today’s first responders or workers needing reliable LTE and Wireless service.

Scalable Environments to save you money and resources

  • Education Sector: Combine multiple commodity links to add affordable bandwidth onto existing networks. Replace leased lines to achieve 99.999% network reliability and significant bandwidth increases at a fraction of the cost.
  • Construction Sector: Quickly establish Internet access from the most remotely located worksites.
  • Live Broadcasting Sector: When covering live events, every second counts. You can combine multiple cellular connections to ensure that you can capture every moment without interruption.

Premium features, service, and hands-on support

  • Internet of Things: Connect your ATMs using a combination of fixed and cellular connections to ensure that it always stays up.
  • Failover: An hour of downtime can cost you thousands. Ensure that your POS transactions always go through by deploying a combination of landlines and cellular for failover.

Municipal Neworks

Most cities today, even in rural area, have multiple locations and functions distributed around the town. City hall, libraries, police and fire are just a few tenants on a typical municipal network. Such network often times based on leased lines with high monthly fees.

  • Deploy a single network to deliver low-cost city connectivity
  • This same network can be used for Video Security and Public WiFi backhaul applications


Transportation hubs like airports, sea ports and central train stations are a high priority security target. In addition to anti-terrorism protection, authorities are concerned about many issues including smuggling, safety, anti-theft and management. Connectivity to wide coverage surveillance cameras is mission critical and must be reliable at all times.

Video Security

Video surveillance networks has long been a growth industry. Where much of the growth used to be enterprise focused, with camera networks targeting indoors, there is currently a need to provide ubiquitous video security to cities at large parking lots, streets, parks, transportation hubs and more. These cameras cannot all be served by wireline connections. Sourced Security can help find solutions for the needs of any location.

We provide custom solutions based on your business and security needs.

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