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We provide design and integration services all across New England using high definition video surveillance equipment, access control, and wireless network services. Our goal is to simplify your day-to-day operations by creating comprehensive and uncomplicated security solutions based on your business’ needs.

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Sourced Security Solutions provides the right solutions and benefits for any business. Whether you need to identify and prevent threats in real-time or need your security to work faster and smarter, we can help.

Sourced Security prides itself on unique differences. We aren’t bound to one product line, so we are able to take a comprehensive look at what is needed and wanted, and deliver the best solution possible. We choose superior products that meet strict criteria of reliability and performance. By maintaining close ties with vendors and manufacturers, we stay on top of the latest innovations, and can deliver the best systems available.

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Gain critical insights with superior security solutions. Paired with Sourced Security’s on-site or remote support system, your business’ surveillance and technology systems can be operating at optimal level. We help streamline your security systems so you can work smarter.

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