Systems Design & Installation

We specialize in advanced yet easy to use enterprise grade commercial security system equipment and installation for clients in manufacturing, retail, marine, apartment housing and many other industries.

HD Security Cameras & Remote Access

Get the data you need most from your business both locally or remotely, with powerful HD security camera systems and surveillance cameras that can capture details that other commercial security systems in CT business or property both locally or remotely, with powerful high definition images and the ability to capture detail that other systems can’t.

Scalable & Flexible Video Surveillance and Analytics Platform

  • Commercial wireless network systems make setup easy
  • Focus your attention on potentially critical events
  • Smarter and more efficient from the moment you set it up
  • Reliable object detection for real-time alerts

Premium Features for Superior Results

  • Powerful high definition imagery
  • Capture the small details that really matter
  • Superior perimeter protection
  • Read license plates in any weather environment
  • Search days or months of video footage quickly

Real-time Property Monitoring with Video Analytics: Your Virtual Guard

  • Audio capabilities including microphones and loudspeakers
  • Superior low-light performance
  • Expandable storage
  • Multiple lens options
  • Remote focus & zoom with wide dynamic range

Proven Track Record of Performance

At Sourced Security we aim to mitigate or eliminate liability or loss for properties experiencing a multitude of business related concerns. We utilize the latest technology in commercial surveillance, and provide a scalable service our clientele can take advantage of now and in the future.

We have the capabilities to respond to emergencies in less than 24 hours. Remote-access allows for real-time network login, saving precious time in any situation. We pride ourselves on direct communication with our clients.

We provide custom solutions based on your business and security needs.

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