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  • We provide end-to-end security solutions that save you time and resources
  • Get the data you need both locally and remotely
  • Powerful HD images that capture the detail other security systems can’t
  • We provide a scalable service you can take advantage of now and in the future
  • Fast response, reliable and cost effective systems

Get the data you need most from your Southington CT business or property both locally or remotely, with powerful high-definition images and the ability to capture detail that other business surveillance cameras in Southington can’t. We utilize the latest technology in commercial surveillance systems and provide a scalable service our clientele can take advantage of now and into the future. Consider us to be a resource for your business to lean on with any challenges you face.

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Why Choose Sourced Security?

    • Powerful High Definition Imagery
    • Video Analytics & Access Control
    • Wireless Solutions
    • Reliable, Cost Effective Solutions
    • Quick Response & Remote Access Support

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HD Security Camera Systems

See every detail with our state-of-the-art HD security camera systems. Our Southington commercial security cameras give you the best in video quality with options such as:

  • Facial Recognition
  • License Plate Recognition
  • Superior Situational Awareness
  • Advanced Video Analytics
  • Remote Access Any Time

Our commercial security systems are built with you in mind to offer everything you could need for the best security possible.

Access Control Management

Commercial Security Systems Southington CT

We specialize in advanced yet easy-to-manage commercial remote access systems. Our remote-access feature in our commercial security equipment allows for real-time network login, saving precious time in any situation. We pride ourselves on direct and convenient communication with our clients for all their commercial security camera needs.

By using the access control management in Southington CT, you can regulate who or what can view or use the security surveillance cameras within your business. From system design to full implementation, Sourced Security is there to get you the data you need. Whether you need to track inbound/outbound access to your facility with vehicle recognition, or you have security access-only areas to keep tightly controlled, we can get you set up with our access control installation in Southington CT. Commercial access control has never been more secure.

Security Camera Installation

At Sourced Security, we aim to mitigate or eliminate liability or loss for properties experiencing a multitude of business-related concerns with our Southington security camera systems. We utilize the latest technology in commercial surveillance cameras and provide a scalable service our clientele can take advantage of now and in the future.

We have the capabilities to respond to emergencies in less than 24 hours. Remote access allows for real-time network login, saving precious time in any situation.

If you are looking for the best in security surveillance cameras in Southington, our business security company offers not only the best in business surveillance systems but will also do the commercial security installation to make sure you have everything you need.

Sourced Security Solutions are your high-end security camera installation and security camera systems providers in Southington CT.

Southington Custom Designed Solutions

No two Southington business security camera systems are alike – Sourced Security understands the unique nature of our client’s businesses, and design custom solutions and provide business security equipment based on their needs and particular environments. From video surveillance equipment Southington CT, threat detection, real-time analytics, movement detection, and more; our business security company offers business intelligence that just works.

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Premium Hands-On Support

What makes us different? Personalized service, commitment, honesty, and integrity. We are a business surveillance equipment company in Southington CT that prides itself on good, quick communication. Your call will never go unanswered. In fact, most calls are answered in under 24 hours. Sourced Security Solutions values our clients’ time. We provide accurate pricing and firm installation times – on time or ahead of schedule every time.

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Top Brand Equipment Partners

We partner with the best brands in the industry for security equipment, video analytics, network management software and hardware, and access control solutions. No matter the size or need of your company, we can find the perfect solution.

HD Security Camera Systems
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Find out how Sourced Security can deliver custom security solutions for your business.

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